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Modern architecture and daring constructions now offer many new possibilities in design. Sophisticated project furnishings and high-quality facilities continuously require more attention. This imposes complex requirements on architectural responsibilities. To accomplish harmonious interaction of all issues and solutions architects often have to go new ways. Sometimes risky methods must be employed.

For example, special attention must be given to the effect of indoor climatic conditions in respect to contemporary energy-saving measures such as the use of underfloor heating, floor cooling and automatic ventilation systems. So that in the long term everything develops the way that you planned it, damage must be prevented where it occurs and a healthy room climate must prevail. The architecture is supported with a variety of technical solutions for testing and monitoring.

The fidbox® from floorprotector closes an important gap between high quality building materials, building technique and room climatic conditions which result from use. Harmonized to one another and used for quality assurance, important insight can be gained from an environmental and economic standpoint that will sustainably prevent the restriction of use and damage.

With the fidbox® App the end-user, builder or building surveillance company is provided with the opportunity to monitor the room climatic conditions on a continuous basis via Bluetooth.

This is especially important with long standing vacant apartments or offices.