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Every real estate project is a major investment for the future. Respective importance is placed on the demand for long-term security and the desire to be able to perform a detailed assessment and evaluation of the property in its complexity using a technical monitoring system.

A warranty promise to the investor and the user of the property must be verifiable and understandable. If necessary, clear information on cause of damage must be given and responsibility must be clarified. These technical solutions are available in modern building technology for communication.

For large construction projects, this may mean that rooms can remain vacant for longer periods of time.  They can dry out or be overly damp creating a danger of mold without the developer being aware.  This can cause severe damage to floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, furniture etc.

With the fidbox® App the end-user has the opportunity to be informed about his room climatic conditions where a fidbox® has been installed. This way he is actively involved in the surveillance of his own healthy room climatic conditions.

The building inspection service or maintenance service can monitor the room climatic conditions on a continuous basis using a remote monitoring system via Bluetooth and thereby easily recognize hazards in vacant apartments or offices.

The fidbox® gives you the needed support to ensure that your real estate project is up-to-par with the daily high use and remains securely protected over many years.