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Your home is a very important place for your comfort, safety and health. A hardwood floor is important to help provide this comfort. Those who invest in real estate, expect the selected interior furnishing to withstand the planned requirements for many years of use.

The fidbox® from floorprotector closes an important gap between high quality building materials, building technique, and real life room climatic conditions. Harmonizing these factors to one another and used for quality assurance, important insight can be gained from an environmental, economic, and health standpoint that will sustainably improve the indoor environment for your personal well-being.

Thanks to the fidbox® App, you have the ability to control your room climatic condition in the areas the fidbox® has been installed.  When measured values, which are evaluated using a trend analysis, reach a “critical” value, you are actively warned and get suggestions on what measures are necessary to prevent possible damage, and help you return to a healthy indoor climate.


Temperature in underfloor heating too high – please lower the temperature.
Room temperature too low – please activate the heating.
Room humidity is too moist – please ventilate.
Room humidity is to dry – please humidify.


Negative room climatic conditions are an eventual risk to health; by using the App, you have the possibility of an active monitoring for a healthy room climate.