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Fidboxfidbox® by floorprotector

What is the fidbox?

The fidbox® is a monitor for temperature (°C) and relative humidity (%) as well as a data log for long-term data recording all in one, which is concealed in the hardwood flooring itself. The data stored therein can be read at any time by wireless transmission and allows the determination of the degree of moisture in the screed and in the hardwood flooring by vertical measurements. This information is not only pertaining to the indoor environment, but is especially important in the event of damage as it provides understandable facts.

For example, if damage occurs to the floor due to excessive floor temperature in the hardwood or through increasing or decreasing of moisture, often a lengthy fundamental research as to cause is needed and this might result in unjust blame.  The fidbox® puts a stop to that and provides unadulteratable clarity as to the question of guilt; prompt – candid - definite!

The fidbox® brings measurable benefits to the hardwood installer, designers, owners, occupants or builders. The results of the measurements can quickly clarify damage claims and thus speed up the process of clarification and solution.
The fidbox® is a product that is directed at resolving a genuine problem and it offers a lot of extra security on top. The relevance of this subject itself is apparent, as many damage claims can eventually endanger the pure existence of many hardwood installation companies. The fidbox® provides unadulteratable results that are recognized by hardwood flooring inspectors and therefore an important element in the preparation of a court case.