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Once a traditional natural product and now hardwood flooring has become a high technology, precision product. The latest industrial production provides a flexible and highly abrasion-resistant floor. The areas of application and the design possibilities pose virtually no limits for the purpose of building owners and end users.

Particularly due to the rapid development of technology in building management and in becoming more aware of their obligations, more and more leading hardwood flooring manufacturers have become committed to sustainably strengthening the image, the tradition and innovation of hardwood flooring. An important contribution is to provide security in the hardwood floor installation and if technically possible, prepare for the expected subsequent room climatic conditions.

The focus of the hardwood flooring manufacturer is mainly on sustainable innovation to provide preventive measures for the consumer, craftsman and also for themselves in order to protect everyone from unnecessary inconveniences.

This requires a permanent record of the indoor climate conditions from the date of installation. The fidbox® from floorprotector closes an important gap between high quality building materials, building technique and room climatic conditions which result from use.

Harmonized and used for quality assurance.  Through the fidbox® important insight can be gained from a technical, economic and customer oriented standpoint and will sustainably avoid any restriction on the use of property and possible damage. And give everyone satisfaction on a natural product.