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You are the professional! You are the qualified expert of the traditional craftsmanship for hardwood flooring installation.  You understand and master your trade. With great expertise, you install hardwood flooring for your customers and create works of art that lead to complete customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless – even after performing such a meticulous and thorough job: It can never be ruled out, that for a variety of reasons, during the warranty period you will be confronted with difficult to explain situation in the flooring. It is possible that a good customer relationship is lost because of the lack of important measurement data.

Not so, for those who took preventive measures in a positive sense in the interest of all involved by using the fidbox® from FloorProtector for a transparent room climate control. Harmonized with one another and used for quality assurance, important insight can be gained from an environmental and economic standpoint using the fidbox® and will sustainably prevent and avoidance of any restriction of use of the property and will lead to satisfaction of all parties involved.

The fidbox® gives you confidence that your hardwood floor will remain ready for the daily hard use and is protected for many years to come