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Parquet floor installers and hardwood flooring inspectors are enthusiastic about the new fidbox®.
Joachim BarthFor the first time, the fidbox® gives reliable long-term data about the environmental conditions in the wooden floor and inside the construction; making it possible to accurately trace the causes of flooring damage and problems.
Joachim Barth,

Master craftsman for parquet flooring, chief master of the Guild

Peter FendtSurface temperature, floor screed characteristics, creeping humidity, room climate: simply incredible what can be accurately measured and recorded with this small box.

Peter Fendt

Master parquet flooring craftsman, chief master of the Guild

Hermann MüllerA solid wood, oiled Versailles parquet in a city mansion: it was a beautiful floor. And only three months later, we were confronted with inexplicable signs of damage. Thanks to fidbox®, we were able to identify all the causes and quickly rectify them, which saved us a great deal of aggravation.
Hermann Müller, EHAM Joinery/Decoration

Jürgen KamppWhat I like about floor protector is that the management has many years of experience with parquet flooring. They are not just every-day salesmen or insurance reps. They are real professionals who understand the business.

Jürgen Kampp
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