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hmbox® by floorprotector

The Product

The hmbox is a digital measuring instrument with rel. humidity and temperature of the underground of different building materials and of the room climatic.



  • Cost savings / unique fixing
  • user-friendly & NO destruction
  • Measuring of material- & indoor-climate
  • GSM data transfer
  • mobile data availability
  • Monitoring a time period
  • Determination of the right time for laying
  • Web browser & Smartphone / APP


The Elements

The hmbox is easy to handle and determines the humidity of different building materials, such as screeds, without damaging the subfloor.


  • plastic housing
  • optical function display
  • integrated alarm & motion sensor
  • Ventilation holes with dust filter
  • steel ring with sealing ring



The Application


High cost savings by unique fixing, GSM data transfer and web-based technology of the



  • Digital measurement of 4 components:
    Material climate: rel. humidity & temperature.
    Indoor climate: rel. humidity & temperature
  • Determination of the right time for laying
  • Storage of measurement data
  • Transmission of tracking data via GSM
  • Automatic documentation and logging
  • integrated alarm & motion sensor
  • Cost savings / unique fixing


The Function



  • The aluminum ring is fixed with fix glue to the floor.
  • In the cavity of the alu-ring the sensors are measuring the corresponding relative humidity and the temperature of the material.
  • Sensors in the housing are measuring the temperature and relative humidity of the room.
  • Regardless of the composition of the subsoil the hmbox determinates the right time for the installation of floor covering.




The Measurement


With a hygrometric measurement it is possible to determine the relative humidity.
It determines in the state of equilibrium the water content of a building material which is enveloped by the air - the material climate.

On storage of a building material in air with relative humidity, so the building materials takes a certain amount of water sorption into its interior.

With increasing relative humidity the water content of the building material increases. In equilibrium, this results in the so-called sorption isotherm.

Thus, this function describes the water content of the building material as a function of the relative humidity of the surrounding air.

Thus, in the equilibrium state is a clear link between the external relative humidity and the resulting sorption water content and vice versa.



The Monitoring


With the hmbox numerous data are collected and transmitted via GSM to a central server and stored there.




The Result






The Measurement Protocol


  • easy creation
  • stored centrally
  • mobile available
  • graphical and tabular presentation
  • Measurement protocol according audit requirement
  • PDF format possible access for several parties




The Advantages





The common Goal


  • For the purposes of the customer, an accurate and non-destructive measuring method allows to determine the humidity of different materials.

  • The data and test results are transmitted digitally and can be read using a web browser or viewed with an APP by different users (owner, architect, construction manager, etc.)

  • Through the web-based solution the measurement results can be retrieved at any time. Corrective action can be quickly taken to create an optimum climate on the construction site for the installation of floor covering.

  • Cost savings through reduced site visits.

Quality and transparency for increased customer satisfaction!